Virtuosos of Split_Wladimir Kossjanenko

The Virtuosos of Split ®

– Splitski virtuozi – I Virtuosi di Spalato – Los Virtuosos de Split –
– Виртуозы Сплитa – Die Virtuosen von Split –
– Les Virtuoses de Split –
– スプリットの名人-

On the initiative of the Music Association Artemis, the Jeunesse musicales and other cultural institutions of Split leading musicians of the city have formed a new String Orchestra under the guidance of renowned Austrian-Croatian viola player and conductor Wladimir Kossjanenko.
The new String Ensemble has set itself a goal to give the historical City founded around 300 AD by the Roman Emperor Diocletian and UNESCO-protected capital of Dalmatia a new sounding visit card and to become its new musical ambassador.

The President of Croatia Dr. Ivo Josipovic assured the new ensemble his high patronage for the first concert season .

For high artistic level of the Ensemble and whole project are responsible multi-award winning international musicians with decades of international concert experience at the same time working as professors at the Academy of Arts of the University of Split.

The Virtuosos of Split consider themselves as an active link between European and international cultural centers and croatian musical tradition. Promotion of croatian music abroad as well as presentation of the European musical achievements in Croatia belong to the long-term artistic strategy of the Ensemble.

Concert performances of the Virtuosos of Split in Croatia and abroad, enhanced cooperation with international soloists, major concert promoters and festivals are seen as essential, indispensable contribution to the development of the musical and cultural life of entire region.

Supervising of generations of young musicians in the form of training and participation in concert programms of the Ensemble as well as organization of seminars and workshops is another important field of activity of the  university professors and founding members of The Virtuosos of Split. Intensive transnational cooperation with European universities and institutions will be sought.